15LEU/L tubular motor for fabric blinds

2019-06-18 11:04   |   Views 311

magine that your blinds open in the morning just before the opening of your eyes. They are able to adjust their speed to your needs – they can move up quickly at 6:00 am giving you a sign that it’s time to get up and do morning training or lazily, slowly rise, waking you up gently from sleep. With the 15 LEU / L drive, you set the best matching speed to your needs. It is the smallest engine of all tubular drives. So you have more freedom in matching the material used in the inner blind. Smaller drive – more space in the cassette to roll up a suitably long blind or blind with a thicker structure.
In addition, our motor has a battery, so you do not have to forge walls to lay the wiring. You are able to automate the blinds yourself in your home! The battery is very efficient, and charging is pleasant and simple thanks to the micro-USB charger. The motor is compatible with all YOODA remote controls. Choose a remote control that fits perfectly in the design of your interior and with its help check the possibilities of our new motor for internal blinds.