About company

Sukces Technology Group
was started In early ’90 in Bialystok city. Operating in B2B from the very beginning is specializing in providing components for roller shutter production and installation, as well as in automation for shutters, blinds, curtains, awnings etc. Nowadays Sukces Technology Group consists of 4 brands including over 2 thousand different products, owns modern production site and warehouse in new headquarters in Wasilków (near Bialystok), and also has at it’s disposal own fleet of delivery trucks.
sukces budznek

Four brands consists of four different groups of products:
MOOVEN  – components for productions and installation of roller shutters,
YOODA  – motors and control systems for automation of roller shutters, blinds, garage doors, gates and awnings,
Cortino  – motors and control systems for internal shades, blinds, curtains as well as lighting,
TenPilot  – smart duplicating remotes in format of a handy key-ring.