Every success has its origin

Antoni Dziemiańczuk (born 1895) and his son Antoni Dziemiańczuk (born 1920) are the ancestors of the Dziemiańczuk family. They were the ones to encourage resourcefulness in the next generations, passed on the values, and taught them to maintain family ties that lay the foundations for every successful family business.

Dziemiańczuk family photo
Antoni Dziemiańczuk with his son Włodzimierz

Tradition intertwined with innovation

It was the 90s that encouraged an enterprising spirit. Many companies selling, among others, windows and garage doors have been formed precisely after political changes in Poland in that decade.

Włodzimierz Dziemiańczuk

Włodzimierz Dziemiańczuk saw great potential in that branch of industry and decided to take part in its development. He founded a company offering locksmith products and services. As it kept expanding, the firm started to introduce finished products such as roller blinds and gates. Grzegorz Dziemiańczuk – the future owner of Sukces Technology Group – made his first steps in his father’s company and gained professional experience by selling roller blinds.

Company owner
Grzegorz Dziemiańczuk

He noticed the demand for the distribution of particular components to companies similar to his father’s, and it all came to fruition in 1997 when he set up his own business.

With time, Sukces Technology Group – at first a single-member company – grew into a firm that supplies the dynamically developing sector of window covers, both in Polish and international markets.

Our company quickly started introducing its own production lines. The automatic lock was one of the first products, commonly used and appreciated by our customers up until today. As the market needs have increased, the offer and manufacturing infrastructure have expanded – all to help spread new solutions and components for the production and professional assembly of roller blinds. With time, the portfolio has been extended with motorisation systems for external, inner, and gate covers.

Today, Sukces Technology Group comprises four renowned brands (YOODA, TenPilot, MOOVEN, Cortino), a selection of over two thousand products, modern production, and a warehouse within the headquarters in Wasilków (near Białystok), and company vehicles.

All actions are motivated by a willingness to perfect our offer, develop our company, and build it around our ever-growing experience.

STG is above all a family company, that over the years has aimed to create a strong, motivated, and loyal team.
Our main target is the responsibility for future generations; not maximising the profit in a short period, but staying stable on the market as a company and passing on our heritage in the following years..

Mateusz Dziemiańczuk at a business meeting

Grzegorz Dziemiańczuk with his son Mateusz – business dinner

Soon enough the fifth generation will continue developing the family business. Mateusz Dziemiańczuk takes after his father and follows in his footsteps. Despite his young age, he has actively participated in business meetings and discussions on the company’s strategy and development for several years, and will soon join the team of SUKCESful people.