Drives for garage doors

2019-06-27 12:31   |   Views 223

From today you can automate all your space with us !!! We are introducing the new TenPilot brand, dedicated to the automation of gates. Garage drives for sectional and tilt-up gates are the first product group to be on the offer of the new brand. In addition, in the portfolio TenPilot, of course, we find rails, remote controls for garage doors and other accessories necessary to automate our gate.

The UNIVERSAL series of drives, which is available from today, are three drives with different speeds and forces. Against the background of other standard drives, they are distinguished by a large number of additional functions: overload and speed regulation, lighting, automatic setting of opening and closing force, setting the maximum number of programmed pilots or maintenance signaling. Drives are equipped with an overload system, thanks to which the gate will stop or turn back, sensing an obstacle in its path.

The wide range of rails allows for a perfect fit to your gate. The rails come in five lengths and two variants with a chain or belt.

For the TenPilot brand offer we introduce 2 types of key fob pilots with a distinctive appearance. 4-channel TP14 remote control and TP16 three-channel remote control with return communication, which shows the current status of the gate.
We will gradually expand the offer of the TenPilot brand, so that everyone can compose an ideal set for the automation of gates. We invite you to follow new products.

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