New 59M motor and solar panel

2020-11-06 15:35   |   Views 151

We are aware how motorization of everyday use devices can make life easier, that is why we are guided by “Comfort-oriented technology” motto while planning new products. Today we are introducing some novelties to the YOODA brand offer.


The first one is the energy-saving solar panel for the Rollbox motor – a device which enables you to use free solar energy to charge the motor. Just stick it to a glass, connect your Rollbox and control the blinds without the need to charge it with a mains charger.


We also expand the offer of rolling gate motorization with 59M, 140 Nm motor with emergency opening – the already well-known motor, but with the biggest torque in this series.


We encourage you to familiarise yourself with technical specifications of the new products.

strzałka-01 Tubular motors series 59
strzałka-01 Rollbox chain motors