New bidirectional tubular motors

2019-08-08 09:10   |   Views 339

We set a goal that we will build a complete, two-way system to automate your home. Hence new, two-way motors: for internal material blinds and screens.

15 LEU / S is a motor dedicated to automate the work of free-hanging internal roller blinds or roller blinds in a cassette. The speed of the motor can be adjusted, and thanks to the built-in battery we do not have to forge the wall to lay the wiring.

The 45EAF / S is a motor designed for external screen roller blinds, which protect us against adverse weather conditions or insects, acting as a mosquito net. The motor is equipped with obstacle detection, thanks to which the motor stops when sensing resistance in its path.

Both motors can be connected to our YOODA Smart Home 2 system and control them using the application, checking the current location of the blind.

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