New bidirectional YOODA Smart Home 2 control unit

2019-04-26 10:22   |   Views 2060

Technology is constantly evolving today, enabling us to live a comfortable life. It makes everyday life easier and allows us to manage our time more quickly. In our offer, we find devices and systems that we can use to make our home more smart. In order to improve our two-way system, we introduce a control unit equipped with a few new functions. The YOODA Smart Home 2 control unit allows you to control various devices that we have at home: window covers (blinds, curtains, roller shutters), gates and switches (sockets, lighting), and by using the IFTTT system, also with an alarm, fire protection system, weather sensors or a motion detector.
In addition, the control panel can be integrated with the Google Home control application, the Google Assistant voice assistant and the Alex voice service. Thanks to the new application with an intuitive interface, we can create scenarios, freely group devices and synchronize our window system with the sunrise and sunset. The YOODA Smart Home 2 app also allows you to grant access to other users’ controls. 
Only now limited offer YOODA Smart Home 2 control panel with Google speaker!


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YOODA Smart Home 2 app
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