New functions of 25 TE tubular motors

2018-05-24 11:57   |   Views 136

We are pleased to announce that the 25TE series motorss have been improved and have a number of new features that will significantly improve the control of blinds:
1. Regulation of limit position – thanks to which we can independently adjust the position of the blind without programming again both limit positions.
2. The ability to add another remote control using the programming button on the motor head.
3. Radio signal lock – thanks to this function, the drive will not receive the signal sent from the remote control.
4. Control speed – allows you to adjust the speed of the drive to the type of blinds you have. The motors have three speed options: 34 rpm, 28 rpm, 20 rpm.

25 TE

strzałka-01  Check 25 TE tubular motor, 1,5 Nm, 30 RPM with radio receiver
strzałka-01  Check 25 TE tubular motor, 0,7 Nm, 34 RPM with radio receiver