new key switches

2018-09-13 12:50   |   Views 151

In the era of advanced security systems, it is worth considering what mechanism will be right for us – sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.
One of such mechanisms is a key switch, which is ideal for garage doors, warehouse doors or roller shutters. Thanks to the dedicated key, we are sure that unwanted persons will not be able to get inside or will not be able to demontage the switch.
The range of our key switches has significantly increased, which allows them to be adapted to specific needs, both in the way of montage, work mode and even color.
We introduce universal and impulse switches to the offer. Universal switches give you the choice of work mode: stable or astable. All switches are available in two mounting versions: flush-mounted or wall-mounted and available in three colours: gray, white and anthracite.


Przełącznik natynk_biały
Przełącznik podtynk_antracyt

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