New marketing support

2020-12-01 14:38   |   Views 115

Our certified distributors of YOODA and TenPilot brands and all companies, who want to become our business partners, can now count on new marketing support.


In order to convey professional technical knowledge in the matter of assembly and operation of our devices, and to provide the highest standard of ultimate customer service, we have been organising product trainings, handing over presenters, display stands, folders, catalogues and other advertising and informational materials.


Additionally, we are offering external one-sided or two-sided backlit panels to mark our partners’ points of sales.


Marked Points of Sales will ensure ultimate customers that the devices come from a reliable source and will be mounted professionally.


Should you wish to find out more about the conditions on buying backlit panels, contact regional sales managers or customer service.


strzałka-01 YOODA presenters
strzałka-01 Mooven presenters
strzałka-01 TenPilot presenters