New motor and app update

2016-10-21 10:24   |   Views 196

Dear Customers,

We’re informing that now we offer long-awaited new model of motor – 28LEQ. It’s main feature is that it silenced, what makes it perfect for interior use – for projection screens or roller blinds.

napęd rurowy 28 LEQ  napęd rurowy 28 LEQ zblaszka

For more information please visit products description on our web page or contact Sales Department for prices.

Additionally we’d like to mention, that YOODA Smart Control app was updated. The biggest change is the ability to duplicate scenarios and reverse commands in new scenarios. If existing scenario was opening or turning on any device the duplicated reversed scenario will do the opposite action by closing or turning off devices.

odwracanie-komend-angielska-wersja odwracanie-komend-angielska-wersja_2

App can be downloaded directly from App Store and Google Play web page (click the icon below) or by using smartphone or tablet app store and typing “YOODA Smart Control”.

app-store_pl google-p_pl