New product Smart Touch 2

2017-06-08 13:18   |   Views 157

Dear Customers,

we would like to announce that our new security roller door system Smart Touch 2 is now avaible.

This is the mechanism of obstacle detection that senses resistance in its path sends a signal and stops the roller door. This system detects obstacles in the entire light of the roller door. The biggest advantage of Smart Touch 2 is possibility to connect it to the power gate without additional wiring.


smart touch 2
Smart Touch

Smart Touch 2 system consists of:

  • Transmitter, SMART TOUCH 2 system >> check
  • Transition strip with touch sensor for SMART TOUCH 2 system >> check
  • Seal SMART TOUCH 2 system >> check
  • Finish elements of the seal for SMART TOUCH 2 system >> check