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The TenPilot brand has been enriched with two new 4-channel remotes.
Self-copying remote controls are ideal for people who need a spare transmitter for an already-available remote control.
The pilot key ring 4-channel is characterized by its original appearance and interesting colors. It has large, intuitive buttons that allow easy to control.
Another new feature is a 4-channel remote control powered by a car cigarette lighter . Thanks to this solution, the remote control is always at hand and we do not need to remember to replace the battery.
The remote has two slots: USB and micro-USB, making it more functional. If we want to copy the signal at home, we can do it by powering the remote via the micro-USB port. The USB output will allow us to charge the phone without having to remove the remote control from the cigarette lighter.

pilot 4k
pilot do zapalniczki samochodowej

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