R type motor with RAPID mount

2017-07-27 09:48   |   Views 214

YOODA R type motors are equipped with a micro switch (35R series, 45R series), which allows programming the motor without turning off the power. Press the micro switch for about 2 seconds the motor has entered programming mode. We have the effect of disconnecting the power for a moment. This is a very important function, especially when we have difficulty with access to the power-off mechanism.

For our drives we recommend RAPID handles (to the 35 series, 45 series) equipped with catches which allow you to position and secure the antenna and microswitch in the side of the roller shutter box. Handles have special cuts so they can easily be broken in the right place and precisely match the product to the dimensions of the bumper. Such a solution makes the handles universal – they can be applied to different boxes and additionally provide non-invasive assembly – they do not require screwing.

Rapid_01 Rapid_02

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