Sets for motorisation of garage doors and entry gates

2021-08-17 14:43   |   Views 247

Our company has been providing modern and complex solutions for home motorisation for many years now.


Everyone can find a right solution for the gates they own, whether it is a garage door, sliding or swing gate. We always strive to meet your expectations; hence we introduce 3 brand new TenPilot sets: Set for a garage door with the Oreo 1000N Speed motor, for a sliding gate with the TP1000AC motor and for a swing gate with the TP350DC motor.


Motorisation of your garage door means, among others, improving your comfort and safety level. You can open and close the gate using only one button on the remote control, without the need to get out of the car and manage the heavy gate yourself.


You can provide yourself with such comfort by mounting a motor for entry gates – no matter if it is a sliding or swing gate. If your entrance is wide, we recommend sliding gates and our motors with different forces. However, if your entrance is quite narrow, swing gates will be a perfect solution, together with motorisation meant specifically for them. Our motors have multiple functions, which will satisfy even the most demanding customers, i.e., manual disconnection of the motor, automatic gate closing, overload adjustment, soft start/stop.


We encourage you to familiarise yourselves with the price offer of the new sets.

strzałka-01 Discount Sets
strzałka-01 Motors for garage doors
strzałka-01 Motors for sliding gates
strzałka-01 Motors for swing gates