Solar sets – special prices

2020-06-23 14:24   |   Views 158

Eco-houses are still trending! Producers have created a range of solutions which make it possible for an eco-house to function. Solar systems at home are beneficial not only for you, but also for our environment – most importantly, they do not pollute the surroundings and allow to receive energy economically. You can also make use of them to automate the roller blinds in an energy-efficient way.


We are happy to announce that from now on solar sets are available in our shop. Sets 45DS20 and 35DS10 are designed to control external blinds, while 15LEU solar set will enable to automate the internal ones. Until the end of summer holidays (31 August 2020) you can buy them at special prices.

Solar set 45DS20

strzałka-01 Solar sets