Solar System

2018-10-04 12:59   |   Views 171

The fashion for energy-saving and ecological homes is at its best. A number of solutions have been created that use the power of nature to operate such homes, starting from generating electricity through heating water or the whole building. Going with the times and adapting our offer to general trends, we are introducing a Solar System that will allow energy-saving automation of external roller shutters. We also gain independence and the ability to freely control roller shutters in the event of power failures.

The system consists of a solar panel and a 45DS low power motor. The solar panel has a built-in radio receiver and a battery, so that even in the case of a total lack of sun, you can recharge the panel using a regular 5V micro USB charger. In addition, the 45DS motor is characterized by energy saving, therefore, in the absence of solar power, we can count on a low power consumption from battery.