Swing gate openers and rising barriers

2019-12-19 14:18   |   Views 213

The TenPilot brand is becoming a complete brand dedicated to the automation of all kinds of gates and rising barriers.

Today we are introducing more products to the offer: drives dor swing gates and barriers.

If someone has no place to mount a sliding gate, their driveway is narrow and long, the swing gate becomes the perfect solution. TenPilot drives dedicated to swing gates are equipped with several necessary functions such as automatic closing of the gate, overload regulation, partial opening of the gate, soft start/stop or manual disconnection of the drive. In addition to classic screw drives, we also introduce a broken arm drive, which is simpler to install and can be placed on wide column.
For start, we also introduce sets for complete automation of a swing gate with remote controls, photocell and signal lamp – CHECK.

TP350 Set for swing gate

Barriers are usually mounted next to public buildings, entrances to companies, parking lots and guarded estates – their use is huge. We introduce two types of barriers: standard and Speed type drives, where the lifting time is only 0.9 s.
In addition, to create a complete barrier we have introduced four arm lengths: 3, 4, 5 and 6 so that we can easily adapt it to each entry.


TP3009 Speed barrier drive and 3 meter barrier arm

strzałka-01 Drive for swing gates
strzałka-01 Drives for barriers
strzałka-01 Arms for barriers