Take care of your garden with YOODA Garden set

2020-05-18 11:44   |   Views 134

YOODA Garden is a device that makes effective irrigation possible, even when the owners are not at home. It will allow you to automate the already existing irrigation system for you to control it remotely.


If you are already a user of our YOODA Smart Home 2 system, you can add a new device to it and control your sprinkles with a smartphone from any place in the world. You also have a possibility to set watering scenarios, which means that the sprinkles will start working automatically at the programmed time.


You could choose other control solutions as well – YOODA Garden is compatible with a wide range of one-way remote controls.

YOODA Garden set

A single set contains: an electro valve, a power supply adapter, and a 2-channel radio module with adjustable support.

strzałka-01 YOODA Smart Home 2 control unit