Tubular motors for blinds 35LE

2018-09-27 09:04   |   Views 146

Along with the development of architecture and individual interior projects, the demand for various solutions in the field of window’s covers is changing. Architects and interior designers can choose from a variety of sizes and materials for blinds or curtains. Internal blinds become an inseparable part of the window’s covers, taking care of our privacy and protecting us from the sun’s rays.

In connection with the growing demand for non-standard blinds installation solutions, we have introduced motors for textile blinds to the fi 40 pipe, which allows them to be used for larger blinds. Motors have a built-in radio receiver and a battery that allows you to automate the work of the blind without having to wiring the room. 35LE series motors also has electronic limit switches and the ability to set the third favorite position.


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