Weather sensors for bidirectional motors

2021-05-11 09:26   |   Views 30

YOODA brand has, once again, introduced new products to their offer. The already well-known METEO SOL wind and sun sensor and the wireless SHAKE vibration sensor are now available in their bidirectional versions that are compatible with YOODA bidirectional motors.


The sensors are designed for awnings, since these elegant coverings are especially sensitive to changing weather conditions. Such investment will give you confidence that even if no one is home, the equipment will stay in perfect condition, despite the rain, wind or excessive sunlight. When the sensor is mounted on the awning, it automatically shuts down the gear as soon as the wind reaches a certain value. When it comes to sun measurements, the awning will unfold as soon as the sensor detects a high value of sunlight.


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the price offer of the new products.

strzałka-01 Sensors for bidirectional motors
strzałka-01 Sensors for unidirectional motors