YOODA Dry Expert – the electric clothes drying rack

2020-09-18 11:17   |   Views 136

We are inspired by the Technology for convenience motto and thus determined to introduce new products into our offer, which will positively influence life comfort. This time we enriched YOODA brand portfolio by YOODA DRY EXPERT – electric clothes drying rack.

It is a perfect solution for those of you, who do not have time or space to dry your clothes in a traditional way. You will appreciate its efficiency especially during autumn and wintertime, when the weather does not favour drying the laundry outside.

The ceiling drying rack has a remote lifting and lowering system and gives the opportunity to set a desirable height, at which you want to hang or dry the laundry. It is equipped with lighting, fan, which supports drying your clothes with warm air and germicidal lamps – disinfecting function.

The drying rack is controlled wirelessly – using a remote control you can lift or lower it, turn it on or off, turn drying functions, lighting and germicidal lamp on or off.

YOODA DRY EXPERT is fabric friendly – imitation of drying clothes outdoors does not damage it and leaves it in perfect condition.


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