YOODA JUICE – Another YSH2 feature

2020-08-03 11:43   |   Views 103

We are happy to announce that we have extended YOODA Smart Home 2 product range with another device – HUROM H200 juicer – a HUROM brand bestseller. It is available in 2 Smart sets – with a socket and a remote control with a timer or with a socket and a YOODA Smart Home 2 control unit. Both options will allow the juicer to activate at the programmed time. For instance, in the morning: your roller blinds will go up, the juicer will turn on and turn off after making some fresh juice for you to drink. You can start your day as pleasant as that. We add “The Juicing Bible” to each set – a gift from HUROM brand.


strzałka-01 Remotely controlled socket
strzałka-01 YOODA Smart Home 2 control unit
strzałka-01 Single-channel MAGNETIC DELUXE remote control with timer