YOODA Smart Home mini control unit

2020-05-07 10:14   |   Views 194

An integrated system created to automate the devices in the building and in its surrounding makes our daily life much easier. The body of satisfied users of YOODA Smart Home 2 control unit can agree on that.


Today we have the pleasure to introduce the mini version of that unit – YOODA Smart Home USB. It is a modern home control system which is based on two-way communication. The YSH USB control panel, two-way motors and the well-known app enable you to manage the home automation with your tablet or mobile phone from any place in the world. The two-way communication allows you to receive feedback about the completed actions – and so let you know how exactly your devices have been arranged.

YOODA Smart Home USB central unit

With YSH USB you can control not only external or internal roller blinds, but also: shutters, awnings, screens, gates and curtains. Moreover, by using the IFTTT system you can integrate your alarm and fire protection systems, weather sensors or motion detector. The control unit is also compatible with Google Home control app, Google Assistant and Amazon’s voice service – Alexa.

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