yooda smart home system

2018-02-08 08:52   |   Views 290

Control of intelligent building is gaining popularity. Not only large objects reach for such solutions, but also users of residential buildings. The integrated system for automating all devices in the building makes everyday life much easier.

For fans of all technological innovations, we present a new system for controlling a smart home: YOODA Smart Home, which is based on two-way communication. This system consists of: YSH control unit, EV / S roller shutter motors and MAGNETIC Deluxe YSH remote controls. Thanks to very intuitive and easy application, we can control the automation of roller shutters using a phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Thanks to two-way communication we can receive a feedback signal about the performed activity and we see what real position the roller shutter is.

All YOODA Smart Home elements are compatible with each other, but the control unit also allows you to control standard YOODA and Cortino one-way devices: gates, blinds, lighting, and curtains. Thanks to this, owners of one-way devices do not have to exchange receivers.




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