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About Cortino

Cortino brand combines different motors and controllers used for automation of interior – roller blinds, horizontal blinds, curtains as well as lighting etc.


Among the most popular products we can find tubular motor 16LE for roller blinds or DT82LE for curtains. As in most cases these motors are going to be installed in already finished interiors - both of them have radio receiver and built-in battery. These functions makes it easy to install complex solutions without having to lay electrical wiring.

Easy and intuitive control is one of the main goals of engineers constructing motors form Cortino brand. These motors have such a functions like: automatic setting of limit positions, subchannels allowing controlling two groups of motors on each channel. Electrical curtain rods also have function of smooth start and stop, thanks to which material will not crease. There’s also Motion Touch function - if You don’t want to use remotes then only a small pull is enough to move curtain – motor will detect users intentions and will move curtain automatically on whole length of the rod. All functions listed above are only a small part of what Cortino products can do to ensure comfort of everyday life thanks to intuitive control.

In case of devices allowing comfortable automation aesthetics is a very important matter. They have to be fitted exactly to interior and powerful enough to move shades of different weight (roller blinds, curtains etc.). Electrical curtain rod can be cut to exact length and weight that can reach even 100 kg. Tubular motors can be used with free-hanging roller blinds as well as with those in cassette systems thanks to many different motor heads that can be used in probably all most popular systems on Polish and European market.