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About TenPilot

TenPilot - Automation for gate and garage doors

The TenPilot assortment includes drives, rails, all types of controls and necessary accessories for automating gates in large utility buildings as well as in residential buildings.

Drives and rails

TenPilot drives are the perfect solution for sectional and up-and-over garage doors. They will ensure safety and convenience of everyday use. Garage engines with various parameters: forces, speeds and functions will allow you to choose the right drive for most door models available on the market. A wide range of rails will allow you to precisely define the needs and selection not only in accordance with the technical parameters of the gate, but also with its purpose: a quiet rail with a strap or perhaps a more durable rail with a chain.


How we want to control the gate - depends only on us. Are you a supporter of wall-mounted transmitters, key remote controls or typical car remote controls? A large selection of gate remotes will allow you to choose the right transmitter for your requirements.


Accessories will allow you to create an even more complete and thus safer gate automation system. Photocells will not allow the gate to collide, e.g. with a child playing in the driveway. By choosing this type of sensor in the entrance gate, we gain confidence of the safety our loved ones, the car, the gate, as well as other things that could be damaged. The warning lamp has a warning function, which will show in the twilight the moment of closing and opening the gate. This is a very useful device, especially in places with increased traffic or low visibility.