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About Yooda

 YOODA combines many different types of automation. Main division includes tubular motors and control systems for different devices possible to automate:

  • roller blinds,
  • awnings,
  • gates and garage doors,
  • and additional like lighting, watering systems for gardens etc.

Motors differ in many ways, but in main division we can list types of functions. Depending on individual needs we can choose basic model (the standard S type), models with built-in radio receiver (the R type), with additional function of obstacle detection (B and BD series) and many more, including EVY motors, that combines not only all the functions of previously mentioned motors, but also few more. All these functions are thought-out to increase users comfort and convenience.

YOODA products include wired and wireless (radio emitters) controllers in form of wall switches and remotes. Wide offer combines controllers of different design and functionality. Many models with more or less channels allows to control different number of devices with one single transmitter. Models with time programming function allows to preset time of roller shutters opening and closing. If the system is equipped with weather sensors, that allow for roller shutters or awnings to open or close depending on different conditions, the complex system of automation will become intuitive, easy to use and failure-free.