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5-channel NEMO remote control

Price with tax: 86,10 zł

Price without tax: 70,00 zł

  • Streamlined shape and clear buttons are main advantages of remotes from NEMO series,
  • Can control single motor, or a group of up to 20 motors on each channel,
  • Compatibility with devices from all our brands allows user to control gate, roller shutter or blind, as well as curtains, awnings, lighting etc.
Frequency: 433 MHz
Range: 200 meters outdoor, 35 meters indoor
Battery: 1 x 27A
Dimensions: 130 x 45 x 12 mm
Protection degree: IP 30
Power supply: 12 V
Transmitting power: 10 mW
Operating temperature: 0°C do +50°C
Control: can control single motor or a group of up to 20 motors on each channel