Accessories for garage doors automations

2019-07-25 10:52   |   Views 217

The TenPilot brand grows in strength.
We introduce new products to our offer: starting from pilots through control units and ending with a signal lamp.

New models of key-rings remotes will not be a big surprise, but car or wall-mounted remotes are an absolute novelty in our offer.

The car remote is the perfect solution for people who live in a constant run and do not want to focus their attention and waste time searching for the remote control for the gate in the car, bag or backpack. We put these remote controls on the sun visor, thanks to which we always know where our transmitter is – that is at your fingertips.

In order to build a complete system for automating the garage door, we should also stock up on wall-mounted remotes available in 3 variants: 1 and 3 – channel and 2 – channel with a keyboard. This solution will allow you to program the garage door opener using a code known only to you and your loved ones.

We also introduce two models of 1 and 4 – channel control units. Thanks to the device, you can connect the entrance gate to the garage door and control them with one remote control.

A warning signal will also be useful, which in the twilight will show the moment of closing and opening the gate. Our signaling lamp is one of the basic elements of gate automation safety. LED light allows for a long life of the device, and thus many years of lamp operation. In addition, it features a built-in breaker and the ability to mount on two levels – horizontal and vertical.

Check our configurator and create the right set matching your gate – configurator




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