New in the offer

2017-10-09 14:02   |   Views 207

By researching market demand and tracking all technological developments, we can introduce new and improved products that meet our customers’ expectations.
Our new tubular motor 45S is one of the fastest motor on the market. High-speed tubular motor is ideal for roller shutters, blinds and projection screens. A torque of 20 Nm allows you to use it for blinds weighing up to 30 kg.
Moreover to the YOODA brand, we introduced the round adaptation Ø78 for 55 series motors (type 3) and mount with pivot for 55 M, RM and 59 M series motor. Our portfolio of MOOVEN products has been enriched with a new LOCK & BLOCK tube ⌀ 40 / 0.5mm with external seam.

45 S długi
fi 78 okrągła TYP 3 do serii 45
do 55M i 59M z trzpieniem
rura 40 LB


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