Solar sets are back

2021-06-14 09:44   |   Views 269

From now on solar sets, meant for energy-efficient motorisation of roller shutters, are back in stock: 35DS10 + 3W solar panel, 35DS10 + 5W solar panel and 45DS20 + 5W solar panel.


You can buy them in discount prices, but that is not all! If you purchase 5 of the a.n. sets now, you will get an AURORA OVO 5-channel remote control for only 1 PLN excl. VAT. If you decide to purchase a full package of 35DS10 motors (12 pcs.) or 45DS20 motors (10 pcs.) with any desired solar panel, you will get an AURORA OVO 15-channel remote control with timer, also for 1 PLN excl. VAT.


We encourage you to read more about the price offer of the sets.

strzałka-01 Solar sets
strzałka-01 35DS tubular motors
strzałka-01 45DS tubular motors